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CHOP Sandwiches


Besides selling awesome meats and making fabulous charcuterie CHOP also makes delicious sandwiches in the way a real butcher would want them.  Using our house smoked and cured meats we will make your sandwich to order the way you would like using nothing but the best ingredients.



Daily Special Sandwiches

WHOLE $10  HALF $5.50

Italian Stallion - house made ham, salami and mortadella on a hoagie roll with peppers, tomato, red onions, lettuce and lots of other goodies

The Frog - Our Farmhouse Country Pate on a baguette with mustard and pickled red onions


Porchetta Sandwich - We stuff half a hog with our house sausage, tie it up and bake for 6 hours.  We then slice it to order and serve it on a ciabatta roll with loads of peppers, onions, tomato, iceberg lettuce, mayo and mustard. You'll need a nap after polishing off this big boy


Pulled Pork Sandwich - House smoked pork shoulder served on a hamburger bun with creamy slaw and our own BBQ sauce.  This is super messy.  Napkins are located by the door

From the Butcher Counter


We make all of our sausages in small batches so that we can control the seasoning level correctly each time.  Typically in our case are NY Italian styles, Lamb Merguez, Boudin Noir & Blanc, Chorizo, French Styles, Smoked Boar Kielbasa, Chicken & Fig, CHOP Hot Dogs, Andouille and whatever else we can come up with this week!


We work very close with our farmers and purveyors so that we can bring our customers the very best.  We feature beautiful lamb from Jim Hanna Mountain Shadow Meats,  100% grass fed beef from Montana Ranch,  rabbit from Nicky Farms, Marys Chickens from the Pitman Family, pork from Carlton Farms. Plus ducks, boar and quail OH MY!



If there is any one thing that CHOP is known for, it is our pates.  Yes, we have our house specialties like Farmhouse Country Pate and our award winning Chicken Liver Mousse, but we are always striving to come up with new and seasonal items as well.  Keep your eyes open at the butcher counter and PSU Farmers Market for different takes on rillettes, amazing versions of quail, pheasant or duck pates, hardcore headcheese, and if that's not enough watch out for Paula and her famous rabbit terrines.



CHOP also has a certified USDA production facility where we make our own handcrafted salami.  Butcher/Owner Eric Finley and his trusty sidekick Michael Jennings make and hand tie each salami from 50 lb batches weekly.  Our salami definitely has a New World feel and taste to it.  Flavors like Fennel, Curry and Herbes de Provence are meant to awaken the palate with depth and character.  You can find them at our butcher shop, farmers market or on our online store.


All of our charcuterie is made in house with recipes that have been reworked until perfection is achieved.  We make different versions of pancetta, smoke our own bacon, cure coppa, lomos and lardo, make mouth melting duck prosciutto and confit just about every animal known.  Plus we'll make the occasional landjaeger and pepperoni stick.  Some say eating our beef jerky is the best part of their week, it certainly is ours when we hear that!