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Female Butcher, Butcher

Eric Finley

Meet "not meat" Paula Markus, she has been cutting and butchering meat for over 11 years.  She has been a butcher before it was cool, she did it because she liked too..  I am Paulas business partner and I would like to tell you what she means to me.  I first met Paula 8 years ago when I applied for a butcher apprentice at the butcher counter that we now own.  The first day that I did a stage with her to work there It was one of the most nerve racking experiences that I have ever had and she was only a employee at the time. She later became my partner in crime.  Paula is a butcher, charcuterier and business woman.  She doesn't pose cuddling pigs, she doesn't seek any fame and she doesn't have tattoos of cleavers and cuts of meat on her.  Paula goes to work at 6:30 in the morning everyday and she leaves at 6 pm.  She sets and rotates our meat case with care, washes the inside and outside the windows of our case, creates a prep list for our butchers, grinds, stuffs, cooks, cures, waits on customers, makes sandwiches, deals with the bullshit of her business partner and employees., waits on customers, brines, smokes, waits on customers and then when she is about to leave she waits on customers.  She has been sexually harassed over the years. She has had to wait on customers that didn't want anything to do with her because she was a woman.  Her hands are constantly touching blood. 11 years, 11 years as woman  She was cutting meat before facebook. twitter and instagram.  Before magazines and the machine started talking about "butchers" being the next new thing.  She was doing it before everyone would just post a pork chop picture online and have 59 likes on it.  She cut pork chops because it was her job. She kept her head down and worked and learned and crafted and cured and stuffed and grinded everyday.  She is my mentor, she is the reason that I have stayed in our business. She is not a cool female butcher by any means.  Paula Markus is a butcher.